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Part of the reason we don’t feel whole and complete is because of the attitude that America is the “melting pot” of the world.  Such a concept speaks to giving up part of our foundation—a piece of our soul, as it were—as we contribute it to the whole. In the process, our society is homogenized, watered down to likeness, all in the name of nationalism.  I much prefer the larger view that we’re more like the stew pot of the world—where we maintain our wholeness, yet uniquely flavor and contribute to the richness of the whole; and the other way around.  We honor and celebrate our wholeness, while knowing we’re essential to wholeness. 

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Hi Heidi,

Thanks for yours.  I like your take on Namaste.  The Mayans have another way of saying something similar: IN LAK’ECH, meaning “I am another you.”  Both “I see you” and “I am another you” touch deeply, and speak to our inherent divinity.

Keep on simplifying Life.

I see you back…   :>)


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I invite you to join me in blogging about a significant means for living spiritually.  I hasten to add that the word “spiritual” used on this site is defined as the process of listening inward for the voice of Intuition, where  deeper meaning, Wisdom, unceasingly seeks our awareness.

Let’s communicate about how this works for you; how the still, small voice can and does order your Life for you.

I will be responding on a regular basis, several days a week…



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As If From God

As If From GodAS IF FROM GOD describes and gives testimony to a special prayer form used to penetrate belief in outer authority, so inner Truth is revealed as one’s highest good. Immersed in daily devotion, the reader is led to commune with the divine consciousness found within, using three questions that free one from the limitations of intellectual pursuit. In this way, prayer becomes communion with one’s inner depths, and spiritual guidance is received as the foundation for living a rich and purposeful life. Such focused spiritual awareness enlightens those who wish to transcend the chaotic life for one imbedded in eternal Truth expressed. If you are looking for a way to shift your life from the imposition of outer authority or the vagaries of ego consciousness, this is the book for you. Should you commit to the suggested practice contained herein, you could well be awakened to a life, until now, was only a dream but could be your spiritual reality.

Purchase book at iuniverse.com.

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Way back in January, 2006, two friends of mine and I initiated the Arkansas Metaphysical Society (ARMS) in Eureka Springs, AR, sensing, surely, that there were more than the three of us who would enjoy discussing matters related to the expression of inner Truth rather than ego consciousness. Click here to continue with this document.

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