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Part of the reason we don’t feel whole and complete is because of the attitude that America is the “melting pot” of the world.  Such a concept speaks to giving up part of our foundation—a piece of our soul, as it were—as we contribute it to the whole. In the process, our society is homogenized, watered down to likeness, all in the name of nationalism.  I much prefer the larger view that we’re more like the stew pot of the world—where we maintain our wholeness, yet uniquely flavor and contribute to the richness of the whole; and the other way around.  We honor and celebrate our wholeness, while knowing we’re essential to wholeness. 

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Hi Heidi,

Thanks for yours.  I like your take on Namaste.  The Mayans have another way of saying something similar: IN LAK’ECH, meaning “I am another you.”  Both “I see you” and “I am another you” touch deeply, and speak to our inherent divinity.

Keep on simplifying Life.

I see you back…   :>)


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I invite you to join me in blogging about a significant means for living spiritually.  I hasten to add that the word “spiritual” used on this site is defined as the process of listening inward for the voice of Intuition, where  deeper meaning, Wisdom, unceasingly seeks our awareness.

Let’s communicate about how this works for you; how the still, small voice can and does order your Life for you.

I will be responding on a regular basis, several days a week…



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As If From God

As If From GodAS IF FROM GOD describes and gives testimony to a special prayer form used to penetrate belief in outer authority, so inner Truth is revealed as one’s highest good. Immersed in daily devotion, the reader is led to commune with the divine consciousness found within, using three questions that free one from the limitations of intellectual pursuit. In this way, prayer becomes communion with one’s inner depths, and spiritual guidance is received as the foundation for living a rich and purposeful life. Such focused spiritual awareness enlightens those who wish to transcend the chaotic life for one imbedded in eternal Truth expressed. If you are looking for a way to shift your life from the imposition of outer authority or the vagaries of ego consciousness, this is the book for you. Should you commit to the suggested practice contained herein, you could well be awakened to a life, until now, was only a dream but could be your spiritual reality.

Purchase book at iuniverse.com.

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Way back in January, 2006, two friends of mine and I initiated the Arkansas Metaphysical Society (ARMS) in Eureka Springs, AR, sensing, surely, that there were more than the three of us who would enjoy discussing matters related to the expression of inner Truth rather than ego consciousness. Click here to continue with this document.

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Great News!

I am thrilled to announce that just recently I joined forces
with Ms. Andrea Thomas of Cortland, OH. Andrea will be
my booking agent for arranging presentations, seminars
and workshops dealing with living spiritually through the
inward journey. You will find communicating with Andrea
delightful, as she joyfully and competently fulfills your

workshops – seminars – presentations
Contact Andrea Thomas
Phone: (330) 647-1320
Email: 1andrea.thomas@gmail.com


For a list of Jim’s programs, CLICK HERE.

I look forward to being with you soon!

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Regain Your Spiritual Insight

  • A collection of short stories with a spiritual foundation. Created out of incidents and circumstances in the author’s personal life, titles include: Thanks for the Yellow Roses; The Jewel in the Lotus; No More Inaugurals for Me; We Have Met the Enemy.; On Pigeons and Other Important Matters; Why Didn’t God Take Me?; and You’re Mayor of What?
    Thanks for the Yellow Roses (Excerpt).

  • God’s Pocket Dictionary (Excerpt).

  • An extensive, enlightening array of poetic prose which speaks to some of the infinite ways in which we can express the loving spirit through daily living. Some come out of one’s personal relationship with the Divine, while others touch the Divine in the ordinary.
    On Making Love (Excerpt).

  • This work continues on the theme of its predecessor in its poetic form.
    More on Making Love (Excerpt).

  • An inspiring, extensive collection of poetic prose which has been translated from the author’s written prayer life, using a particularly intriguing process available to all. This, like the other offerings, is highly spiritual in nature. Included is a formulation for a form of prayer that puts one in contact with God within, with astounding results.
    As If From God (Excerpt).

  • A continuum of the prayerful poetic prose presented in the initial offering above. The powerful entreaties not only inform, but inspire, one to walk on her or his own path, guided by each person’s own Inner Authority, the voice of God within.

  • An ongoing series of essays confronting various spiritual matters. Following each essay questions and guidelines provoke a spiritual exploration related to the particular essay. Hence, a noodling about in the world of spirit. The titles include: The Lord of Hearts, Our Collaborative God; On the Lie; On Inspiration; On Listening; On Marriage; On Being at Home; and On the Moment. A spiritual translation of The Gospel of St. Thomas is also included, but is also referred to in this compendium as a separate offering.
    Spirit Noodles (Excerpt).

  • A sensitively derived literary and photographic essay on poverty in rural Arkansas. In a larger sense, it’s more about a kind of spiritual poverty that permeates our planet. Available with this offering is a wide range of stunning black and white photographs, both documentary and portrait in nature, reminiscent of Dorthea Lange’s work during the Great Depression.
    Swimming With Mosquitoes (Excerpt).

  • A Spiritual Guide to Reclaiming Your Soul assists the readers in identifying with their spiritual reality and leads them to explore the various means one can construct to express their natural spiritual essence in everyday life. The primary purpose of this offering is to assist the readers in recommitting to the dignity of all life, beginning with themselves and their relationship with God, and moving on to other relationships, including one’s relationship with the environment that supports us all.
    From Human Doing to Spiritual Being (Excerpt).

  • A compelling spiritual translation of this intriguing Gospel found in the gnostic texts at Nag Hammadi in Upper Egypt. The authors of the work by a similar title, Harold Bloom and Marvin Meyer, present this Gospel as a literal translation of the discovered texts. This spiritual translation converts the literal language into a spiritual transfiguration, showing the profound nature of symbolic language and its power to enlighten.
    The Gospel of St. Thomas Revealed as Spirit (Excerpt).

  • A collection of poetic verses that were inspired by photographs created somewhere, some time; images that etched their meaning on the lining of my heart, each in a moment’s embrace of life portrayed.
    Poetics Made Abundant (Excerpt).

  • An evolving collection of testimony to those who inspire loving compassion between and among us all. These voices speak to the very special connection that engenders the inspiration to love as God loves, without condition or preference.
    Poetics Made Even More Abundant (Excerpt).

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The Creation Spirit (Excerpt)



Expressing Your Divinity in Everyday Life

Jim Young

Book One: My Spiritual Awareness Series

To purchase a hard copy click on this button.

To purchase an electronic copy in pdf format, click this button.


Chapter I – Emptying the Old Wine

Chapter II- Hidden Meaning

Chapter III- The Simple Life as Image as Likeness of God

Chapter IV- Living the Miracles We Are

Chapter V- Creating a New Spirituality;

The Key to Coming Alive

What Now? First E-Mail from Christo Sahbays

You Are God. Second E-mail from Christo Sahbays



I. Emptying the Old Wine

I’d like to tell you a story about a widely renowned metaphysician in nowadays terms. It’s early in the 21st century, and Christo Sahbays, a local healer, shaman, and metaphysician and his immediate followers of men, women, and children are beginning to be known around northwest Arkansas, located in the midst of the Bible Belt. Christo is asked to speak to a small gathering in Fayetteville, Arkansas, anticipating a hundred participants or so. Because of his rapidly growing, rather controversial reputation as a metaphysical healer, the demand for seats gets out of hand quickly, so much so that the decision is made by the organizers to rent a huge auditorium. Soon the demand again outstrips the size of the facility and they lease the university’s arena that seats some 18,000 for basketball, overshadowing the sacred halls of academe nearby.


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